Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stupid Dr.'s!!

My grandfather had a Dr. appointment, what we thought was to discuss his course of treatment....WRONG. They are not even positive he has leukemia. WTF..... They have to do the biopsy today and the results will take 10-14 days. All they could tell him is that he does have an autoimmune/blood issue which is most likely Leukemia! GAAH

I know I should look at this as good news, especially since it isn't necessarily leukemia, but why get us all worked up like that. I know, Dr.'s have to give us the worse case scenario.

The thing that makes this hard is we are getting the updates from my Aunt. My grandfather can not speak and I'm not sure how much he comprehends. He had a stroke years (over 10) ago and has been paralyzed on his right side ever since. His speech and memory are also effected. My Aunt received the phone call on Christmas Eve (very rude in my thoughts) with the possibility of Leukemia. She was very upset and, just like I would be, concentrated on the worse case scenario and that is what she relayed to us.

Luckily my Mother went to the appointment yesterday, and although it is her father, she can stay much calmer and have a clearer head then her sisters!

Please keep him in your prayers and I will know more in about 2 weeks!


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armyadamsgirl said...

i hate doctors in general. they pretty much suck.. and i hope that your family gets answers soon

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