Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Months!!!

WTF! John has yet another sinus infection. If you haven't read my post back in October, yes October (3 months ago) please read that first by clicking here!)

So he had yet another appointment with Dr. Bitch (under protest from me) and sure enough he is on Pretnizon again,(his polyps are back) with an antibiotic and another appointment set for 2/2/09. This time I was unable to go, and I wish I wish I had. You know how guys are, they never ask the right questions. Being a mother and a woman who is in the Dr. office 4-8 times a month, I have learned to speak up!

I don't know what happens if this course of treatments doesn't work. I don't think it is healthy for John to be on Steroids every 3 months. His frequent sinus infections are really no better then before we spend $50,000 in surgeries (OK, so the insurance company did, but we still had 3 weeks of lost wages)

He did tell me that if he lost weight it would help the situation....WTF is that EVERY Dr. excuse when they have messed up? So John told her he was working on that and he doesn't even east 2000 calories in a day and has an active job (electrician). So she said considering that she wants to do Thyroid testing. This makes since because 2 of his sisters have thyroid issues (one is over active and the other is under active) this could explain somethings. So we should have result at his next appointment, which I will be going to!!!

John doesn't understand my dislike of her. HELLO!!! We spent all that time, energy and money to make him feel better, and we are in no way better then before the surgeries....... So why did we bother? She probably has a child in college and needed the tuition money! Man I sound bitter, but I am tired of John feeling like crap and I worry at any moment he could have a major asthma attack and I could loose him! All I want is to have my husband healthy! I will do anything to make that happen, even if it mean continuing to see the Dr. from HELL!!!!!

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