Monday, January 19, 2009

Updates ~ about everything!

My Grandfather ~ SO today was the day we got the results from my grandfathers bloodwork! No leukemia or blood disease. In fact the Dr. doesn't know why his white count is elevated. So he is going to monitor it. Then in the next breath, he says his COPD (which he has had for years from smoking) could cause his count to be elevated. WTF! Some Dr.'s need a swift kick in the arse!

Jocelynn ~ She has been doing great! We still have our attitude moments, but for the most part we are very much better behaved! She is listening and playing better with Brooke and Wyatt. I just hope and pray that this continues, but in reality I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and her behavior to change and the testing to begin again!

TTC ~ So here I am today on CD 19 ~ 8 DPO. I am having severely soar BB's and I am hoping this is a great sign! My EDD would be October 8, 2009. My family might have an issue with this (yet another October Baby) but I could care less! The background behind an October baby is my Mother has 5 sisters and 4 of them were born in October along with my grandfather and MANY cousins. But I don;t care. What will frustrate me is hearing "another October Baby." I guess I will just have to deal with it. I am just praying and hoping that this is our month and this ordeal we started in December of 2006 is over.....until the next one....LOL
Of course I won't find out until the end of the month! I could test as early as Friday (1/23) but since I have never had a positive HPT (even when I was 4.5 month pregnant). SO my plan is to wait until the 2nd of February and if AF hasn't showed then I will call the Dr. to get a blood test! But, really, who am I kidding, I will pee on a stick in the hopes that for once I will see those 2 lovely pink lines....LOL

So all in all, things have been pretty boring. That is ok I will take the plain and boring!

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Mindy said...

PLain and boring doesn't have to be bad! LOL Sounds like everything is going good at your house and for your grand-dad too!

Good luck testing! I hope this is your month! I think "another october baby" is just dandy! :)

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