Monday, January 26, 2009


All I have to say is if you haven't read the book, you need to!!! It was a great book! I started it last night (1/24/09) after Jocelynn went to bed at about 9pm, read until 11 pm, was up at 5am and finished the book about 1pm! I just couldn't put it down! Now i can't wait to read New Moon and the rest of the series!!!!! Plus, I can;t wait until the movie is on DVD (3/21/09) so I can watch that too!!! Wish now I had gone to see it in the theaters!


Jekka09 said...

SEE!!! You shoulda listened to your niece! I've never ever lied to you about anything and and you shoulda listened when I told you how amazing Twilight was... instead you looked at me funny for being in love with a vampire lol. Welcome to my world, sweet cheeks.

I love you. :)

Noahsmom2007 said...

Told you the book was great. I'm almost done the last book. I can tell you they dont get any less addicting.... I dont know what Im going to do when I finish this one! LOL!

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